November 2016

November is the first really cold month after summer, or at least it used to be. In fact we have had beautiful sunny days most of the time and a few very rainy ones.

I have made this decision to write this blog in english, because the sewing community is an international group with lovely people all around the world. I will however write a small identical text in Portuguese, because that is where I live.

So, this November has been a sewing month, more than usual. Why? because I have invaded the living room table and I will not abandon it unless there is a really important dinner in the house, in which case I promise to think about it.

The truth is my husband works really faraway across the Ocean and I like to work near my kids, after dinner. It's so cosy. And I keep some space for the three us to have dinner.

November came with a trip to Lisbon, visit to the Oceanarium ( it's a family weakness, we really like fish... ) walks through the city ( could there be any more tourists in Lisbon??) and good old family lunches and dinners. I did control myself and didn't visit any fabric shops. You might think that having a fabric shop would be enough, but it isn't, I love fabric shops, yarn shops, it is never enough!

So the first important sewing thing this month was the arrival, by mail, of the Maker's WorkbookI wasn't sure I would use it but the truth is it helps me keep track of things and it didn't take long to have some projects registered there which is in fact kind of funny to look at. Yes, it makes me feel productive.

Makers book by Creative Industry

In the meantime I cooked a lot, its just for three but the kids take their lunches and snacks to school and it can get overwhelming! So, since Autumn arrived i have been using the slow cooker often, I just prepare it in the morning and it is ready for dinner time. Also if I cook bigger batches it will be enough for two week days, with school lunches included.

This is pork tenderloin slow cooked for 10hours, the onions just disappeared.

Now, I have sewn about 6 garments this month but the difficult part is photographing all of it. Sometimes its the light, sometimes its that there is no one to help and sometimes there is just no time.

So, how do you blogging sewers manage to do it all? What is the secret? Because I never seem to have time for everything, and apparently I should, because I work from home. That is what I hear people say.


Novembro chegou cheio de sol ( com uns dias de chuva intensa pelo meio ). Um Novembro cheio de Primavera.

Tomei a decisão de escrever este blog em inglês por ser a lingua comum a toda esta comunidade internacional de amantes de costura e saber fazer.

Novembro foi um mês de costura mais intensa, talvez porque invadi a mesa da sala, e assim posso coser à noite, no quentinho e perto dos meus filhotes. Deixei um espacinho para podermos jantar os três : )

Estivemos uma semana em Lisboa, onde andámos pela cidade ( de onde vêm estes turistas todos??), fizemos almoços e jantares de familia e visitámos o Oceanário ( corre-nos no sangue a paixão pelo mar).

recebi o meu primeiro  Maker's Workbook, que foi uma surpresa agradável, e que me faz sentir muito mais produtiva quando vejo as páginas já preenchidas!

Têm sido dias de cozinha, de começo de frio, e de uma certa falta de tempo. 

Digam-me a verdade, como arranjam tempo para fazer lindas fotografias para os vossos blogs?