My month. Time for family, for staying home, for baking and cooking, for hugging and laughing, for late mornings and pajamas.

With December comes the hope of a new bright different year. A year of healthy new habits, of exercise, of blog posts written on time, of school mornings of big breakfasts and laughter, of sunny summers in a faraway blue island, of breathing slowly and having time to process life as it happens.

This December was for family. I had planned some handmade gifts but then time took over and I only made a small shopping bag for a friend. I followed a pattern from I love Patchwork a book I love, from Rashida Coleman-Hale and I had plans to make about five of this bags, ... well, I made one, better than none.

In my family we cook a lot, and we follow old Christmas traditions from different origins that always result in too much food! Adding to that, I always try some recipes that I find online and really catch my eye.

Christmas Codfish before oven

Christmas Codfish before oven


During the time I have had to think and restore my energies, I had some time to think about things that I want to sew for myself. If there is one thing I am sure of, it is that I want to sew and knit more of my clothes. Every time I have to go shopping and get near the big shopping centres, I get more and more concerned about the future. I always remember listening someone saying that if you buy a t-shirt for less than 5€, than there has to be something wrong in the process of making that t-shirt. And now that I can make my own t-shirts and I know how much that costs me, I understand even better that someone, somewhere, along the chain of clothes production is being explored. Of course this is one of the many many things that are wrong with our world.

I try to help some projects that I hope will make a little diference, like the Dress a Girl around the World, that I think will bring joy to some girls. And I have also been recently informed of this crowdfunding, that is trying to start some sewing courses for women in São Tomé. This are small steps to try to make something different but they can change some lives.

So, about the making, I have been knitting. In a way knitting is more of a winter thing, right? You get to be all cosy in your couch, watching some corny eighty's movie on TV, laughing about how is it possible that the eighty's fashion is now fashion again?! So knitting is easier.

I made the baa-ble hat in some malabrigo rios yarn , I wanted to experiment knitting with colors and this was the ideal project, quick and funny.Of course, I love the hat so much I am afraid my son might lose it and I tend not to let him wear it all the time!

Baa-ble hat in Malabrigo Rios

Baa-ble hat in Malabrigo Rios


I am also knitting the Folded Sweater and this is a bigger project. I have come to the point where I have two sleeves and one body part, now I have to attach everything. This is new to me, so i will let you know how it went!

I havent been sewing much lately, because I get cold. This is the truth. But I have cut some a few patterns and hope to sew it soon enough!