About Working OnLine

I always read blog posts about working from home or online. I read it in search for mysterious advice about how to make it perfectly. I never get an answer and neither will you when you read this.

I work from home because there was a time when I had to close the brick and mortar shop. Times feel different now bur two and a half years ago it wasn't easy to keep a cute shop in a small southern town. I know it is the district capital but it is still a small town.

Along with the so called financial crisis I had my husband really far away, in Costa Rica, and with two kids it seemed logic to stay home and be a full time mom. Although in reality all moms are full time moms wether they work outside the house or not. But thats what people call moms that don't work outside the house.

Anyway, I didn't want to stay home and wait for my kids to arrive from school. So I decided to start a new kind of business, selling just fabrics and yarns and keeping the same shop name just because it had a little name and some followers. A base to develop and grow.

I don't know if that was the correct move. I was not expecting to sell so much to foreign countries and I never considered the fact that maçãs d'amor is never understood or well pronounced or even connected to selling yarns or fabrics, or knitting or sewing... So, some bad choices were made, its normal, I learn as I travel.

  This is what the shop really looks like behind the scenes...

This is what the shop really looks like behind the scenes...

So this adventure began. At first the fabrics took prime place, because I am a sewing enthusiast and that was my favorite part of the job. This is one of the special things about building our own business, do I love what I do or do I do what I love?? It reflects me, my interests, maybe even my moods. And it doesn't mean I always notice that. I work alone. It is just me. It is always me. Even if the family is around and have opinions, the final decision, the instant image, the choice of patterns, colors, yarns, suppliers, budgets, prices, promotions... its me.

And that is the hard part of the business, the working alone. I am not a very sociable person and so I was not expecting this. I miss people around, you know that small talk when we work with others, or with customers, or even the getting dressed to go to work! I dont have that, I could work at any hour, dressed in any way, no one would see me :)

But I have discovered that organization and planning are one of the keys to get some work done. For me it is all about the mornings. I take my kids to school, then come home, have a second coffee and sit in front of the computer. I get through the emails, the new orders, all desk work gets done. After that I usually prepare orders to be shipped. Some days I cut a lot of fabric, some days I just have to pack books or small adorable things like knitting needles.

I go to the post office almost every day. Sometimes I think I should choose a day to do this, like Mondays, or Wednesdays but then I think of myself as a customer and how I like the things I buy online to arrive as fast as possible.

I change post offices a lot, because I don't like to wait, or to be in the same place everyday, or maybe I'm just a little crazy.

I started writing this post last September and as I read it now, almost 7 months after, I see how fast things develop when we don't pay attention. This year I have managed to organize work and motherhood. I have made an effort to meet people and not be isolated inside the house. I have re-organized all the fabrics and yarns, so that the studio isn't so confusing and my little online shop has grown, alongside with me.

As with everything else in life, I believe that if we build things with love, they will grow.