Andrea Mowry

The Weekender Sweater

Some say there is no Global Warming, others pay careful attention to how the climate has changed in the last two decades.

I was still at school when we first heard of the Ozone layer and how it was getting thinner, the way the sun was becoming damaging and how we had to protect ourselves by always using sunscreen. There were science fiction/catastrophe films about big snow storms affecting our world... well these movies usually take place in big American cities, but we could relate.

Times have changed. And so has the weather. We can see it now happening around us. 

I live in the very south of Europe. Some people think it's always summer around here but it isn't. In fact it can get really cold in the winter. The things that are new to us are the small tornados we had this winter, the big storms, the very intense rains, the very late arrival of winter and now this cold in June.

June is usually summer time in the Algarve and although I know it is normal to have 18ºC in the summer in Norway, we southerners are used to a solid 30ºC that will eventually become unbearable 38ºC or more in August. 

And this is where my Weekender sweater, designed by Andrea Mowry, becomes a need. 

When I finally finished this sweater, the winter was gone and the sun and warm weather were in. I thought it would wait in a drawer until next Fall but then I wore it at night, around the house and in the morning, taking the kids to school, and in the afternoon, while working, and always.

This is the perfect sweater to have near by and throw over a t-shirt or knit dress. 

I could say I live in it now.

I have knitted it in Malabrigo rios, in pure black. I wanted it to be a basic, something I new I would wear a lot.

The only thing I wish I had made differently is the length, I think it would fit me better if it was a bit shorter.

This was the first time using a three needle bind off and that was fun to learn. There is nothing very particular about this design, it is just a boxy sweater and that is what makes it so wearable and precious.